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Clonal Blood Disorders

Clonal Blood Cell Disorders. To elucidate the molecular mechanisms that cause blood cancers. We hope to understand aspects of normal and leukaemic stem cell biology that affect the clinical outcome for patients suffering from blood cell cancers. Blood cell disorders include: leukaemia, myeloproliferative disorders (MPD), myeloma and lymphoma.

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Myeloma XI

Myeloma XI is intended to be a unifying trial addressing issues in patients of all ages and providing a strategy within which to introduce new treatments as they become available.

There are two distinct treatment pathways.

Intensive pathway: for younger/fitter patients where intensive HDT with stem cell support is considered appropriate. Comparing a thalidomide-containing regimen with a lenalidomide-containing regimen, as induction treatment prior to HDT.

Non-intensive pathway: for older/less fit patients where standard-dose chemotherapy is considered appropriate. To compare an attenuated thalidomide-containing regimen with an attenuated lenalidomide-containing regimen.